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Age of Empires Online Description

Head to the mythological world of Ancient Greece and establish your very own empire. Help protect the civilisation of the ancient Greek world by designing and building a strong dynasty...


Age of Empires Online takes you to an ancient world, where the destiny of the Greek civilisation is in your hands. It is your quest to build up a strong economical and political empire, so to strengthen and protect Ancient Greece.

Start your revolutionary stronghold in Age of Empires Online by building and designing custom buildings – such as residential houses, storehouses, barracks and a guard tower - for your almighty capital city. Expand your city with various crafting halls such as a hunting lodge, cavalry hall, military college, engineering college, builder's hall, craftsman's hall and a sacred grand temple. Lead and take care of the various factions of your settlement, including the scouts, hypaspists, villagers and the priest. It is your duty in Age of Empires Online to ensure the longevity and ultimately the survival of your empire.

Participate in epic battles against invading enemies, or in exciting duels against other players. Duels with other players help you to sharpen your combat skills and test the durability of your empire for the much larger enemy battles. Form allies and factions with friends and players alike in Age of Empires Online to take on your opponents with force.

Train with impressive weapons such as the gut ripper, black enamelled heavy spear, the kraken's fist and the hero's bow of apollo, and deck your cavalry in tough unyielding armour including ajax's heavy war pelta, the breastplate of ares, hephaestus-forged greaves and runic prayer beads.

Your equipment, together with the brute strength of your army, and the strength of your allies, will help you defend Ancient Greece and protect your civilisation. In the strategy client game Age of Empires Online, you must strive to build up the local economy and invent new technologies in your mission to strengthen the ancient Greek world – their fate is in your hands.

by Kyle Hayth

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